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AiMT 2009: Best Non-Single Songs (w/ ...

photo by Nick Crew It hasn't been the most active year for AiMT, but I've tried my best to keep my ear to the ground, so I'll hereby commence AiMT 2009 with this list. While I'm tempted to guarantee more 2009 lists to come—specifically albums, singles and remixes—like last year , I'll just say, "I'm working on them." You see, these lists tend to be daunting for me, so only the good Lord knows whether or not I'll actually get them all finished. It could be that I get overwhelmed after finishing only one ( see 2007 ) or that I manage to crank them all out after a few long nights ( see 2008 ).

Only time will tell. ....
3:30 a.m. Friday 18th December 2009 EST
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