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"Ain't Gonna Save Me": Sneak Peek ...

"Ain't Gonna Save Me": Sneak Peek at Jay Reatard's New LP

August 18th marks the date that Matador will be releasing the much-anticipated 2nd Full Length from the artist known as Reatard. The singles have done an alright job holding everyone off, but what we've all been waiting for us is a fully thought out album with all the awesome arrangement and tricks that should come with it. Judging from the teaser single Jay's just released, this record's got a chance of shutting up the "Write Another Blood Visions" idiots once and for all: It's awesome! Here's what Chef Tard had to say about making 'Watch Me Fall': ?This new album has been challenging.

It?s the first time I?ve written and recorded an album specifically because a label wants to release .... 6:27 a.m. Thursday 28th May 2009 EST
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