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Air Starts Anew With 'Love 2'

Filed under: News , New Music , Exclusive Even if you couldn't exactly summarize a plot or explain tangible details, great albums have a way of telling their own stories. Those stories become chapters in a band's collected history. So when Air set out to record their latest album, they wanted to turn the page.<br/><br/> To show that, the French electro duo called the album 'Love 2,' which might be confusing since there is no 'Love 1.' "We wanted to start a new story with Air," explains band co-pilot Jean-Benoit Dunckel. "Like the beginning of a new love story when you have a new girlfriend and everything is fresh and cool and funky and happy and alive. It's like restarting ....<br/><br/> 1 a.m. Thursday 3rd September 2009 EST 632 posts in collection
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