Alan Wilkis’s remix of Phantogram’s ‘Mouthful of Diamonds’

Ever listened to Phantogram and just said, "Well, I like this...but it's just too darn sad?" Alan Wilkis has the cure for you with this remix, giving you a window into a parallel universe where singer keyboardist Sarah Barthel became the lead singer for CSS instead of Lovefoxx. The crystalline tone of the original is tossed in favor of party synths and a 80's electro breaks. As much as I love Phantogram's take on things, I'd probably be down with them just as much if the whole album was like Wilkis's remix.

PHANTOGRAM - MOUTHFUL OF DIAMONDS (ALAN WILKIS REMIX) Check out Alan's soundcloud for a whole lot more quality remixes and originals. For good measure, here's a live version ....

from 'taking tiger mountain'

1:25 a.m. Thursday 17th June 2010 EST
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