ALBUM: Manners by Passion Pit

ALBUM: Manners by Passion Pit

After a couple weeks of listening to Manners , the debut album from Passion Pit , I've got to admit I'm really enjoying it. It's not earth-shattering, but that's not too surprising to me. While last year's much-hyped-about "Sleepyhead" was worthy of all the praise it received, I was never very impressed with the rest of the Chunk of Change EP it appeared on - and I never quite understood everyone's anticipation for their full-length.

If they couldn't put together an EP's worth of great songs, why should they be able to put together an album's worth? Well the album's here (not officially - it's out May 19th), and I've been enjoying it a whole lot more than Chunk of .... midnight Saturday 16th May 2009 EST
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