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Album Preview: Girls - Album

The first time I heard Guided By Voices, was smack-dab in the middle of the shoegaze heyday. The Verve, My Bloody Valentine and Ride were teaching us that music could be distorted, yet beautiful at the same time. The first time my needle hit the vinyl and played GBV’s, ‘I Am The Scientist’, I was charmed by their ability to record great pop songs while operating under the constraints of a 4-track player and nothing else.

The lo-fi genre spawned a few great bands (Truman’s Water, Strapping Field Hands), but reached it’s end upon the dissolution of Pavement. It’s a new millennium and lo-fi has defied the odds and the logic to rear its head again. Groups like Vivian Girls ....

1 a.m. Saturday 29th August 2009 EST
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