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Album Review: Kanye West - 808s ...

Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak Roc-a-fella, 2008 R ap's must vulnerable pillar crumbles under the sudden vacancy of women in his life. Fair enough; his outlook is bleak at the right time. 808s & Heartbreak is the sissiest album released by someone who was ever a rapper, and for that Kanye deserves credit.<br/><br/> Look at the sheepish posture in the press photos, listen to the lost diary entry in hidden track "Pinocchio Story." But it's never been about the words with Kanye. He was a pretty terrible rapper and he's an even worse singer. The autotune, as always, just sucks.<br/><br/> It's about the beats and despite all early evidence to the contrary, the final product is luscious headphone candy. It's .... 11 p.m. Monday 1st December 2008 EST
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