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ALBUM REVIEW: Kasabian - 'West Ryder ...

Kasabian - the Oasis of Generation Y - is back with a new record. 'The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' is a crafted blend of rock and dance. It's as addictive to kasabian fans, as ice is to junkies.<br/><br/> After what some might describe as dissapointing sophomore effort with 'Empire', Kasabian have hit back with an album we believe is on par with their first album 'Kasabian'. Matching with as many hits as Kasabian's first album had (ie. 'Processed Beats', 'L.S.F.' and 'Reason is Treason'), this is one album that will no doubt make Music Universe's 'Best of 2009' list.<br/><br/> Some people may already be familiar with some of the songs on the new album. Opening track 'Underdog' is one .... 1:21 p.m. Tuesday 26th May 2009 EST
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