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Album Review: MSTRKRFT - Fist of ...

MSTRKRFT Fist of God Dim Mak/Downtown, 2009 I t’s a little hard to distinguish the fist-orgy on that cover. I hate to use art to talk about an album because it’s just another interpretation, different from the one you’re reading in mostly unimportant ways. But it's getting the job done with visuals better than I could with words.<br/><br/> It took me a second, but do you see it? The ass knuckles and thigh fingers? The vaguely military badge background? What else can I tell you? It’s not subtle, it’s not especially diverse. It’s thomp-shwack beats, synth ripped by distortion and largely buried vocal lines that are mostly just another ear-worm rhythmical device. It felt pretty exhilarating pounding out the trunk ....<br/><br/> 10 p.m. Friday 20th March 2009 EST
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