ALBUM REVIEW: Red Light Company - 'Fine Fascination'
Every time I look at the cover of the debut album from Red Light Company, I think of one of my contributors, Dan 'Core'. Not to say I don't think about him at other times. Actually I think about him a lot and his whereabouts because it seems he has gone all John Lennon on me and is still away on his 'lost weekend'.

Anyhow, I think about how amazing the resemblance is between Dan 'Core and his delightful, beautiful girlfriend, and the two innocent, virgin-like naked kids about to do the dirty on the 'Fine Fascination' album cover. It's uncanny. Seriously.

Now, as for the actual music and sound of the album itself, we at Music Universe believe this could be one of the finer debut albums to come out for 2009. Red Light Company are a band based in London, but all of its members (five in total) come from various parts of the world. Their sound has had them compared to the likes of other Arena-rock bands such as Coldplay, Arcade Fire, The Killers and Editors.

From the very first track of the album you already feel like this could be a very enjoyable album. Opening track 'Words of Spectacular' just oozes The Darkness like stadium sound. Big drums, 80s synthesizers and a catchy chorus "all of this time ive been waiting dark nights what for" make for a great opening.

Next track 'Scheme Eugene' honestly sounds like The Polyphonic Spree have taken over the vocals for a moment and the reference to band Broken Social Scene makes it extra sweet. 'Arts and Crafts' is like combining Snow Patrol with Australian band Eskimo Joe. Again, a yet another really addictive, sweet-as-honey sounding song which should make good on all the airwaves.

'With Lights Out' and 'New Jersey Television' are again very enjoyable listens, much like The Killers have been over the past few years. We're now just past the half-way mark on the album and we're not bored yet. We're certainly not 'oh my god im convulsing' excited by what's to come, but we're still interested.

'The Architect' has Arcade Fire's sound painted all over it. Despite the similarities and some might say it's a rip off, we at Music Universe love it. Again, very addictive.

'Meccano' again brings back the sounds of the stadium-rock with chances of getting the crowd to get involved in a mass sing-a-long with "crying out loud the weekend is over, push it out the smiles to uncover". Jimmy Eat World also continues to flick through the mind as we listen to the song more and more. After talking about how similar Red Light Company's sound is to other bands, its fitting that the next song on the album is 'When Everyone is Everybody Else'.

It's probably the worst, and most over-the-top song on the album unfortunately. 'The Alamo' is one of those songs that if it were on the album earlier, we would probably appreciate it more. The drums on the final song on the album, 'First We Land', appear non-existent and it's actually a really nice way to end things.

You can just see and hear the audience's final participation with the raising of their hands and clapping. In summation, this debut album is a very listenable, catchy album. The recognisable sounds that stem from previous stadium sounding bands are obvious, but you know what....they still sound good.

This band have made a very good debut album which we're sure will make you sit back and listen to it over and over and over again. Rating (/10): --- Contributed by Jase S.
- 6 p.m. Tuesday 28th April 2009 EST
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