Album Review: Terrible Things - Terrible Things

For any established artist it can be difficult to move on and not be compared to your previous work. With Terrible Things both Fred Mascherino (formerly of Taking Back Sunday/Breaking Pangaea and The Color Fred) and Andy Jackson(ex-Hot Rod Circuit) are left with the task of burning their bridges. However their experience of being guitar-driven songwriters, plays a vital part in this self-titled effort.

From the opening thriving moments of 'Revolution' , we are welcomed to a decent blend of both's vocals, with former Coheed and Cambria drummer Josh Epperd providing a strong backbone. Together in unison, the trio declare "this is not a revolution" and that "no one really cares" , something which could be questionable especially the latter. ....

from 'Alter The Press'

10:59 p.m. Monday 30th August 2010 EST
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