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Album Spotlight: Metric, Fantasies

Album Spotlight: Metric, Fantasies

Metric got its start in the traditional guy-meets-girl fashion: a young Canadian born to two left-minded parents, keyboardist Emily Haines, fell in synch with Julliard-bred guitarist James Shaw in her then-hometown of Toronto. After a couple of stints in New York and Great Britain they picked up a bassist and a drummer, and soon Metric was inching its way up in the music world. As many a band sometimes does, the quartet split four ways while each did their own thing, but in 2009 decided to regroup and revitalize the synth-pop hits they once worked on.

A comeback album was born, and old fans of Metric might hear it and think they're living in their biggest fantasies come true. Just .... 3:43 a.m. Thursday 30th April 2009 EST
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