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Alizee - 2009 - a glimpse

Well there it is in case you have not had a chance to see it. There on the inside of her right arm... "omg, omg"....stop hyperventilating....someone get a paper's OK just breath into the bag, in and out, in and out.<br/><br/> Yes I know this is tough on some of you...first she got married, had a daughter, did not re-appear as lolita, did appear with a gigantic tinkerbelle tattoo, did new songs (gasp) and now....oh just look, another tattoo it's OK just keep breathing into the will be fine. Alizee is just my favorite, she is just so passive-rebellious...what's not to like. It's the Corsican in her I think.<br/><br/> It's not 2004 anymore I am will not be .... 7:07 a.m. Tuesday 21st July 2009 EST
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