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Alizée and MySpace and Twitter

Alizée and MySpace and Twitter

So about mid morning today Alizée does a Tweet and decides to log in to MySpace to see whats up there. Must have had some spare time today. Ahhh don't you just love Twitter.

The 140 character post to share what is on your mind at the biography, no upcoming events, just a quick share, an insight or some information. How else would we find out about the little things like Bruno or the Amy mash up? Yes, I know for some of you it shakes your world and your vision the Angel Alizée or shall I say the Stepford Alizée...hey, didn't I do a post on that...oh yeah, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away .... 1:55 a.m. Thursday 18th June 2009 EST
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