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Alizee - Google Trends

Alizee - Google Trends

Since Alizee started Twitter I have started several post only to cancel. I want to just sit back and enjoy the overall experience she is giving us. I did not want to record her every sneeze and then analyze what was the meaning of that sneeze.

It's nice, her sharing these tidbits of her life. I was wondering what these Twitter tweets and tidbits were doing to Google Trends. Especially since she is using English so much.

Well, not much has changed. This reflects Trends for Alizee, this will include all people named Alizee. The tennis player, the get it.

Don't you wonder what is going on in Sterling Virginia to get to the #10 spot in cities. Or .... 11:45 p.m. Friday 8th May 2009 EST
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