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Alizee Nation doing some catching up...

Alizee Nation doing some catching up...

A) The accent in Alizée in searches... 1) Yes Ruro, Canada at #7, that is interesting. My guess is that it is telling us that U.S.

searchers are not apt to use the accent. 2) Still can not get my laptop to create the accent, I have to copy and paste. 3) Kudos to Lefty for that accent reminder B) Roman looking for a link for the Alizée Tweet video 1) Alizée Tweet link to Just Got Lucky can be found here C) Ben, yes! Did just watch 'Factory Girl', was a fascinating yet tragic story.

1) Would like to know the historical accuracy of the story 2) Always like a Bob Dylan story insert...I didn't realize how many posts .... 12:49 p.m. Monday 11th May 2009 EST
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