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Alizee - Outfits , Music and ...

Alizee - Outfits , Music and Finance

I am a supporter of Alizee not resurrecting the Lolita image for various reasons. I noticed while watching some her performances that singing the Moi...Lolita is not a problem at all and it is great. you think we will ever hear the original J'en Ai Marre? Do you think it is put away for ever? While we are at it.

Do you think choreography will make it back into an Alizee concert? The real question is why is it no longer included. Why just the free lance dance? I assume it is because it is thought to be a better product. Why else? Possibly it is a budgetary situation.

All the latest concerts have been "overseas" as compared to .... 1:38 p.m. Tuesday 19th May 2009 EST
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