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Alizee - Twitter

Alizee - Twitter

Twitter could be cool and so very interesting. It's kind of exciting to see Alizee return from her appearance in Mexico and update her MySpace and open a Twitter account. I think Twitter could really be fun when Alizee is working.

In studio, on a concert trip... I had mentioned this in a post almost one year ago, April 29, 2008. Speaking of cool.

I think Alizee looks so cool in Ray Ban Wayfarers...that retro 80's look. I guess all of you are tired of hearing me say that too. I looked, 4 posts mentioning wayfarer sunglasses.

Don't make me Rick Roll you! (don't know how to search, example: type wayfarer in the upper left corner and click on search .... 10:06 a.m. Monday 27th April 2009 EST
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