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All God's Kids, They Wanna Rock

As we transition from summer to fall, I think it's only appropriate that we kick summer's angry ass out the door Adios Lounge style. Here's a compilation of music that's helped keep me sane during a summer of continuous 100+ degree weather. I think it's a good mix of soul and rock, but those designations are a bit loose.<br/><br/> The soul stuff rocks and the rock stuff has soul, so everyone wins. Incidentally, if someone asked you what the Adios Lounge sounds like, you could probably do worse than send them this mix. I'll probably keep this up for awhile, but there's no telling if (or when) a song gets pulled for copyright issues.<br/><br/> So, get in while the gettin's .... 11:43 p.m. Wednesday 2nd September 2009 EST
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