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All Hallow's Eve

Thanks Cannibal Cheerleader faithful for another year - here's to much more blood, guts, and rock 'n roll in the future. Now onto the madness... As a staunch defender of actors' ventures into the world of indie-rock Cannibal Cheerleader has proven to be an unapologetic apologist.

We stand by our love of Scarlett Johansson's Anywhere I Lay My Head and all of her subsequent work with other artists as well. So when we began to read stories on Ryan Gosling's foray into the music realm, complete with articles more obsessed with his obvious fame than with the quality of his tunes, we were admittedly curious. The group, Dead Man's Bones seemed undeniably unique and special, a mix of gloomy goth-rock, ....

1:45 a.m. Sunday 1st November 2009 EST
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