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All I wanna do is bang ...

Gettin cold outside, son....and now that the weather outside is frightful I can start givin you guys presents, even if Santa's birthday is a month and a half away. I haven't posted much lately, that is why i'm makin this week count big! So check back every other day. No, really! Starting out this week, I'm giving you the MIGHTY Lee Coombs and his track "Control" off Lot49 Records .

Coombs has been Tech House staple since the 90s and if you're askin who that is, then you need to stop hangin out with party-kids DJs and befriend a DJ to mentor you. Get educated, y'all...As for the track, it is definitely in my Top 10 for the month, and ....
From 'Sundtrak'
4:53 a.m. Thursday 12th November 2009 EST
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