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All Iron & Wine, all the ...

All Iron & Wine, all the time!

At least that's what it's seemed like. Today has been an Iron & Wine filled day. Funny, because I'm not even a huge fan of the band.

Perhaps after a day like today, though, things will be different. First off, I finally went out and purchased Around the Well , a collection of rarities and b-sides from the aforementioned Iron & Wine. "Why buy a b-side/rarity album if you aren't even a big fan?" you ask.

Well...I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure why myself. I've been wanting to finally give Iron & Wine a fair shake, but I kept finding myself too busy to decide on an album to taste test. So upon seeing the release of Around the ....

1:04 p.m. Saturday 23rd May 2009 EST
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