All That Glitters Is Not Gary
The Gary Chub EP ( Cedar Fever ) The Gary’s origins are on the Comal River, July 2008. Paul Warner paddled over to Dave Norwood and suggested they start a band called The Gary. Dave saw no reason why they shouldn’t play in a band called The Gary, and so it began.

It should be noted that both were several beers into their river journey, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. The beer-goggle phenomenon apparently applies to band names, as well. A week or two later, Trey Pool suggested he come and play some guitar.

The band was complete. Songs were written and the band checked into East Austin’s infamous Hot Tracks recording studio in November to record the seven-song 'Chub EP'. They began playing shows with bands such as DD/MM/YYYY , Medications , Maserati , and Grant Hart of Husker Du.

The band began exchanging prose and verse about a fictive stoner ne’er-do-well named Gary, which will soon be made available in chapbook format. Suddenly, being called The Gary didn’t seem like such a bad thing, after all. The Gary’s sound is as rooted in a sense of place as it is in their influences ( Silkworm , Guided By Voices , Chicago post-rock, New Zealand noise-rock, etc.) Lyrics and song delivery convey the sense of defeat accompanied by “getting by” in their Austin/Central Texas surroundings...

...not to mention the unfathomable heat that drives us into rivers and causes us to form bands with peculiar names. Go Try MP3 - The Gary - Damn Machines MP3 - The Gary - I May Have A Drink If anyone from the IFPI is reading these tracks are published with the permission of Fanatic Promotion so please refrain from alleging infringement of copyright. Go Visit The Gary - Myspace // Website // Last.FM.

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