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There's no soundtrack to Darren Aronofsky 's " The Wrestler, " starring Mickey Rourke as a aged and washed-up former WWF-style superstar and it doesn't sound like there's going to be one. Even Clint Mansell' s minimalist and moody guitar score as played by Guns N' Roses ' Slash is apparently just over 25 minutes, so even a score disc would be quite short. We digress, make your own soundtrack if you can track down all the songs that are actually out there.<br/><br/> Here's all the songs featured in the film (with audio context where applicable), we hope one day Fox Searchlight can team up with some label and release a disc, ideally peppered with a little bit of Mansell's .... 1:58 a.m. Monday 29th December 2008 EST
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