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Amber Melody Smokin' Dro

Amber Melody Smokin' Dro

I think I already said it, but it is really rare that I like unknown Rap/R&B;/Hip Hop artists.. Don't ask me why but as much as I like to hear new underground electro music or any music style that you wouldn't hear on the radio or coming from anywhere on the planet, as much I like my good mainstream hip hop artists and the Top 40 R&B; singers. Anyway, I received last week a song from a singer I do not know at all, Amber Melody.

I've been listening to the song since.. It's plain crazy how good it is ! I would compare her to a good Cassie with the same productions she had, i.e. Ryan Leslie.

The only .... 7:34 a.m. Sunday 22nd March 2009 EST
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