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"American Idol": How Many Of Last ...

Last night's American Idol served as yet another testament to the completely broken nature of this ridiculous 36-semifinalist setup. Most of the performances were, unfortunately, pretty bad—so lousy, in fact, that I felt for even the most off-pitch contestants, since this was pretty much their only shot to make any sort of impression on the American public and so many of them seemed completely cowed by the idea of being on the big stage. Well, at least Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell made his song his own, complete with Idol -specific lyrics.

Rankings after the jump! 12. Jeanine Vailes. Third on the night, and her choice of Maroon 5's "This Love" actually made me say out loud, "Who is picking these ....

From 'Idolator'
2 a.m. Friday 27th February 2009 EST
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