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"American Idol" Lets It Slide In ...

"American Idol" Lets It Slide In The Bluegrass State [Idolator's American Idolatry]

Yesterday, two pieces of distressing American Idol -related news crossed the transom: First, word that the Tuesday night episode had an eight-million-viewer week-to-week drop (although I wonder if that was because a lot of eyeballs got leeched away from Obamamania on ABC); and second, this year's results shows will be back to their bloated hour-long length and up against the full hour Lost (?!??!?!!). (Argh, Fox, you told us they'd only be 30 minutes! Booooo!!) The Idol producers decided to celebrate this news with... an episode that opened with a hopeful emerging from a Porta-Potty, and went right into a girl with really bad eye makeup and a startling British/Southern accent.

The first "real" contesant was Joanna "Joanna" Pacitti, this .... 11:53 p.m. Thursday 22nd January 2009 EST
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