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American Idol, Slash, Velvet Revolver: Unable ...

American Idol, Slash, Velvet Revolver: Unable to Elect a President, Conservatives Switch Voting Focus to American Idol

First of all, I will admit to watching a little American Idol . If nothing else, I'm grateful to the show for throwing a little work Kenny Rogers' way and bringing Stevie Wonder back to prime time television. Last night, though, an insidious trend about the show's audience finally crystallized.

American Idol has become the last venue where conservative America can make their voices heard, and token interesting contestant Adam Lambert might lose because of it. While the Idol conspiracy theorists will no doubt posit a little vote juggling to amp the drama by having front-runner Lambert land -gasp- in the bottom three, closer to the truth is that the show's viewers are picking what they like. And what they ....

1:37 a.m. Friday 1st May 2009 EST
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