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An Electrifying Edifice of Ebullient EP's ...

A Clever Con – The Robot EP It was only last year that we wrote about the frenetic, Incubus -inspired rock/metal/everything else hybrid that was A Clever Con’s debut demo disc. Now the alt-rock crew come racing back with all guitars blazing on their follow-up release, The Robot EP . And if anything, the band sound freshly charged, fully energized, and more focused than ever.

While the demo EP hinted at the chops these cats would wield, “Able Danger,” the lead-off cut, makes it all abundantly clear. No three chord power changes here, no simple strumming and picking. On “Able Danger,” the guitars are full-front and nearly manic in intensity.

Intricate, powerful, choppy runs thread through the whole song with ....
6:28 p.m. Wednesday 25th November 2009 EST
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