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An Important Announcement From Viva La ...

An Important Announcement From Viva La Mainstream

So with the help of reader Michael I was able to piece together why I've had so much trouble getting content to stay up on the blog. He found this article from prefixmag that tells the whole story. The long and short of it is that the RIAA and its European counterparts grabbed Blogger by the balls, and now Blogger has to comply with their wishes.

From the looks of it, VLM has gotten it easy; yeah, posts are going down, but at least I had it coming. The comment section shows that folks who post mp3s with the band's permission are still getting crap from Blogger and the RIAA. Once again, something that could have been great is now ....

6:51 a.m. Thursday 6th November 2008 EST
Viva La Mainstream! 42 posts in collection
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