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An Interview with Dan Friel of ...

The Brooklyn band Parts & Labor made a pretty obvious strategy change on their latest LP, Receivers . The new record features longer tracks, linear songwriting, and a prog-inspired thematic grandiosity. The Needle Drop was able to catch up with Parts & Labor's Dan Friel to talk about the direction of this album and the band.<br/><br/> TND: You must have been pretty excited to put this album out since it's kind of a departure from what you've done in the past with Parts & Labor. DF: Yeah, very much so. We were excited to do something a little different.<br/><br/> The last two records we did-- Stay Afraid and Mapmaker --were very similar; theyre sort of sister albums. And when we .... 3:25 a.m. Friday 21st November 2008 EST
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