And All The Tigers is all that

Judging by And All The Tigers , The Hoof and The Heel don't yet quite know who they want to be as a band. Over the course of just seven songs, they go from bouncy synth-pop ("Let's Hangout"),to tender ballads ("King Finds Out" and "Fall Apart"), to moody, acoustic rock ("Save Us From"), to...well, something that sounds sort of Arcade Fire-ish (" Fireworks "). Of course, seeing as And All The Tigers is their debut EP, that sort of inconsistency is understandable -- after all, few bands have any idea of exactly how they want to sound right off the bat.

In fact, it's also something to be praised, since The Hoof and The Heel are good at everything at ....

from 'i (heart) music'

10:28 p.m. Monday 5th July 2010 EST
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