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And the Oscar goes to....

Well the Oscars were last night, and for the first time in a while I tuned in for the whole shebang. Highlights: Penelope Cruz's speech, the Milk screenwriter's speech, Beyonce tearing it up, Bill Maher's rubber suit, Phillipe Petit balancing the Oscar on his chin, Will Smith saying "Boom Goes The Dynamite", the John Legend v. AR Rahman song-battle, etc.

etc. etc. I was 7/8 in the 8 major categories, I'm pretty psyched about that.

Would have been perfect except for a last minute switch from Penn to Rourke. Damn. Even though it was more of a movie night, let's get some tunes up in here.

A couple tracks in honor of those sweet little gold men - the first ....
10:13 p.m. Monday 23rd February 2009 EST
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