And The Pacemakers?
Jerri Genre: Classical Opera and Vocal (they claim) From: Saint-Etienne, France Formed by members of French oddbods Angil & Hiddntracks (see blog post from January, Cryptic Odd Boddry From ) and contemplative instrumental hippity hopsters Deschannel Jerri have unleashed one of the tracks of the year onto an unsuspecting and totally oblivious public. Said track 'Go Fight Your War' is a stereo rap sparring session between two Mike Skinneresque (sans cheeky cockney vocal affectations) 'singers' with a chorus that once inside your head claims squatters rights and refuses to leave. The song starts slow before building to a crescendo culminating with a snatch of lo-fi electro that sounds like they sampled a space invaders machine.

'Go Fight Your War' is the sound of the KLF fronted by Mike Skinner and stripped of the techno rave influence or a 21st Century Specials brought up on rap rather than ska. 'Go Fight Your War' is sure to feature in the Devil's top ten tunes of the year and is a real contender for track of the year. Go listen to the track below and then please tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends (especially if they're big wigs in the ol' music biz).

Together we can turn this into the viral hit of the year. Go Try MP 3 - Jerri - Go Fight Your War If anyone from the IFPI is reading this track is published with the permission of Jerri so please refrain from alleging infringement of copyright. Go Visit Jerri - Myspace Go View Jerri Go Fight Your War.

- 2:14 a.m. Monday 20th April 2009 EST
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