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Andrew John Long - "Jivin' and ...

More mash ups all the time! I'm pretty sure that the "I Want You Back" melody makes everything better. Yeah, even Gorilla Zoe. Andrew John Long used the DJ Skeet Skeet edit for this one with Zoe's vocal sauce poured on top.

Check out Andrew's Soundcloud for more. Sidenote: You know how some musicians have adlibs or trademark sounds like Gucci's "Burrr!" and Trey Songz' "Yuuup!" or even MJ's "heeee heee!" and "sha-mone!"? I think I need one that translates into written word for my blog. Andrew John Long - Jivin' and Shivin' (Fuck Frank) | YouSendIt Pigeons and Planes.

5:08 p.m. Friday 11th December 2009 EST
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