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Animal Collective Remix Ratatat: Clash of ...

Animal Collective Remix Ratatat: Clash of the Titans

Ladies and gents, you may not know it just yet, but a script has just been flipped. You see, Animal Collective have been remixed plenty, but they themselves have never remixed anybody under their, er, collective title. Pitchfork, May 5, '08 We have been waiting for this remix now for just over eight months.

I've mentioned it on the blog, in conversation and the question of 'where is Deakin?' has been just as haunting. As you can see, Animal Collective remixed Ratatat's "Mirando" a while back, but what's really up is that the duties were held down by Deakin - hence, what he has been doing while his bros were getting down on Merriweather Post Pavilion . The remix, as ....

5:20 a.m. Thursday 15th January 2009 EST
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