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Announcements/Zappa by Barry Miles

Announcements/Zappa by Barry Miles

Hey, folks. A couple of things... First, I am super-psyched to tell you that I am getting audio up on as many of the mixtape entries as I can, thanks to ! i can create an audio file of the mix there (or each side of a mix) and then embed it in a blog entry! so far, i have files up for clam snout and the soundtrack spotlight: 1989 entries, so go check 'em out!! second, i am hoping to start doing some writing for some other blogs and sites, and i have a lead or two, so i'll keep you posted about that.

and now, without further ado: so i recently read barry miles’ frank zappa biography, .... 12:39 p.m. Monday 6th April 2009 EST
The Mixtape Jones Report: One Man, One Record Collection. 19 posts in collection
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