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Anthrax @ Double Door 5/28

I think the last arena-rock show I attended was pre-2000, featuring Pantera, Anthrax, and Sebastian Bach (yea, that dude from Skid Row). With outrageous ticket prices, even more outrageous merch costs, and the general douchebaggery that is often associated with a 10,000 seat arena, I think I made an unconscious decision a long time ago to avoid big rock shows at all costs (hey, you stick 10,000 people anywhere, you're bound to have a few personality conflicts so don't just take that as a dig on the general rock concert-going crowd). I guess I'm trying to say I'd take my chances with a small club any day of the week.<br/><br/> Unfortunately for me, that means that I've probably missed out .... 5:54 a.m. Friday 30th May 2008 EST
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