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Anti-Flag - The People Or The ...

Anti-Flag - The People Or The Gun

Alright, so they have a tendency to spread the message of community via occasional dumbed-down maxims (see “War Sucks, Let's Party!” off 2006 effort For Blood and Empire ). And yes, this liberal punk band, one self-proclaimed pro-community, pro-equal rights, is a bit hypocritical for promoting the sale of its new record at Target, the CEO of which is a known Republican who donated to the Bush campaign in 2004. Much as I appreciate the messages they get across – agreed, if we allocated our trillions to health care and education rather than war, we would be in a better place – and much as I appreciate that they're donating some of the proceeds from recent album pre-sales to Amnesty ....

12:54 p.m. Thursday 4th June 2009 EST
choir croak out them goodies 41 posts in collection
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