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Antipodium's NO ROMANCE - Friday 14th ...

In all their 35-year-old-wedding-ring-wearing glory, (yet still 16 at heart), Blink 182 launched in to the best set of their lives. Or so it seemed, although they probably play every night like they did this one - thrashing through pop punk hits with Tom making jokes about BJ’s and taking your mom home in-between songs. Even though the words were irrelevant to most of the audience and the man speaking them, they didn’t seem any less sincere.<br/><br/> The three musicians were slightly numb to the fact that every night they play to an amphitheatre filled with kids they helped create, yet never bored. Flashback 12 years and these fans are 13 and at home with their ripped off pop punk .... 1:10 a.m. Thursday 13th August 2009 EST
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