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Anton Corbijn To Direct George Clooney ...

Anton Corbijn To Direct George Clooney In 'Gentleman'

Meanwhile, speaking of George Clooney , the actor is set to star in " A Very Private Gentleman ," for Focus Features , an adaptation of a Martin Booth novel to be directed by Anton Corbijn whose debut feature film was the Joy Division biopic, " Control ." Corbijn made his name as a inner-circle confidante photographer for U2 and Depeche Mode , before going on to direct many iconic videos for both bands plus groups like Nirvana, Coldplay, Metallica, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and many, many more. According to Amazon , the novel is a "creepy psychological suspense" story that follows an assassin "to a rural village in southern Italy where he .... 11:53 p.m. Monday 25th May 2009 EST
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