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Antony & The Johnsons Stop By ...

Antony & The Johnsons Stop By The Culture Show

Since taking home that Mercury Prize for 2005's stunner I Am A Bird Now , Antony's enjoyed a cultural cachet in the UK that he's slowly, inevitably, amassing Stateside. Brits love him; or at least, Brits know him. On the Johnsons' recent stop at the BBC's The Culture Show you can just hear the deference in the voice of the presenter (yes I know British slang for TV host, don't worry about it) as she hits a lot of the beats from that read-worthy NY Mag profile : this album is all about the natural world, Antony is in awe of the Cocteau Twins' Elisabeth Fraser, etc.

The Q&A; comes between gorgeous, string-trio aided renditions of The Crying Light 's .... 4:11 a.m. Wednesday 28th January 2009 EST
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