'Anvil!' Director Sacha Gervasi Talks Directing ...

'Anvil!' Director Sacha Gervasi Talks Directing Herve Villechaize Biopic

We guess we never did write up a story on, " My Dinner With Herve ," a biopic of the " Fantasy Island " little guy, Richardo Montalban sidekick Herve Villechaize that was announced in the trades last October (we swear we did, but search seems to refute that). It's being directed by our pal Sacha Gervasi , the director behind the excellent documentary, " Anvil! The Story of Anvil " that comes out this weekend in limited release (and you should see if if you live in NY/LA). Gervasi, a former journalist, who's first foray into well-known screenwriting was penning Steven Speilberg' s " The Terminal " (not a bad start, huh?), was actually the last person to interview ....

9:04 a.m. Friday 10th April 2009 EST
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