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Anvil (live) @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09

Anvil (live) @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09

So I had a chance to watch " Anvil! The Story of Anvil " and see the band perform last Friday. Wow! One of the greatest movie/band experiences for me ever. Even without seeing the band live, trust me, you'll love the movie.

Go watch it ASAP. A couple of vids I shot at the show (thanks Kyle for saving us seats). Not the greatest live videos ever, since peeps were blocking my view and I was rockin' out, but you get the idea...

Anvil - "666" live @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09 Anvil - "Metal On Metal" live @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09 A couple of other brief things to talk about: 1) Fucking not cool ! 2) This whole post .... 11:56 a.m. Thursday 14th May 2009 EST
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