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AOL's Top Searches: Does Internet Famous ...

Here are some top 10 lists I can get behind, if only because they are based on something slightly empirical: AOL has posted its lists of 2008's most-searched-for musicians, songs, and music videos. The results are not completely surprising, with the Jonas Brothers taking the top slot and American Idol -bolstered David Cook coming in at No. 2.<br/><br/> I imagine that Jonas Brothers fans are the types who comb the internet for any new morsel of information. I know I do! The top 10: 1. Jonas Brothers 2.<br/><br/> David Cook 3. Chris Brown 4. Mariah Carey 5.<br/><br/> Lil Wayne 6. Rihanna 7. Madonna 8.<br/><br/> Amy Winehouse 9. Beyonce 10. Taylor Swift Like I said, nothing too surprising, though I thought ....<br/><br/> 4:30 a.m. Friday 19th December 2008 EST
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