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Apse Guide To New Album

American alt rock mavericks Apse have spoken exclusively to ClashMusic about their new album 'Climb Up'. Closely associated with Animal Collective, Apse recall the spirit of their more famous friends without ever copying their sound. Determinedly individual the group's debut album 'Spirit' was a head spinning delight.<br/><br/> Over a patchwork of metal, alt rock, shoegaze and dream pop influences the album unfolded tales of paranoia and the inner workings of the mind. Apse won a cult following, playing a number of stunning tour dates. Returning to the studio the band began work on material which was even more ambitious than their debut.<br/><br/> Snapped up by ATP Recordings, Apse released their new album 'Climb Up' this month. Stunning everyone who has .... 11:13 p.m. Friday 23rd October 2009 EST
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