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A.R. Rahman In For 'Couples Retreat' ...

Word on the street (and the street meaning the One India blog ) is that Indian composer A.R. Rahman , who recently won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his " Slumdog Millionaire" score, has signed on to compose the score for "Couples Retreat," which we previously reported will be the next J on Favreau /Vince Vaughn/Peter Billingsley boys club comedy. We're hoping it'll be better than "Four Christmases," funnier than "The Break-Up" and less costume-y than "Iron Man." With at least one film location set for Bora Bora , we're guessing they'll direct Rahman to Caribbean his traditional Bollywood style up.<br/><br/> We're anxious to see if this is a better or worse move than " Forgetting Sarah Marshall .... 11:30 p.m. Wednesday 20th May 2009 EST
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