A.R. Rahman Teams Up With Kylie ...

A.R. Rahman Teams Up With Kylie Minogue For Bollywood Thriller, 'Blue'

" Slumdog Millionaire " composer A.R. Rahman is no fool. He might be Bollywood's Michael Jackson or P.Diddy (however you wanna slice that), but he knows being the biggest composer for India's film industry is sort of akin to to being the most popular Hollywood Squares , or at least, as far as North American audiences are concerned.

So he's wasting no time teaming-up with Western world names and film projects now that 'Slumdog' is poised to clean up at the Oscars, right? Sort of, not really. According to the NME (who also calls him "Rachman"), Rahman is working on a new film project with diminutive British singer Kylie Minogue . "We're doing a song together which she'll perform in ....

8:07 a.m. Wednesday 18th February 2009 EST
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