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A&R: The Music Submissions

This week we have two bands that have strong female vocal leads. Hopefully, this is a refreshing change after the past few weeks, which have been rather intensely boy-focused if you've been paying attention. It was certainly welcome to find them in the inbox at least.

Lowenbad - Bricks for the Naysayers Portland band Lowenbad describes themselves as a "beautiful concoction of soul, rock, and hip-hop. Combining rock guitars, soul singing, hip hop loops, politically slanted lyrics and esoteric beats". The beautiful part clearly comes from lead vocalist Holly Cole, whose sultry voice lends the "soul singing" aspect that does sound lovely over the hip hop beats.

Every once in a while, the guitars and simple drum beats veer into ....
From 'SFCritic'
11:11 a.m. Friday 23rd October 2009 EST
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