Arcade Fire

"Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" from the album The Suburbs 2010 iTunes Memory, childhood, home. These are big subjects that have obsessed novelists, movie makers, playwrights and songwriters for decades, if not centuries. Now the Arcade Fire, a band not known for thinking small, tackles them all in its third studio album, The Suburbs .

When the Arcade Fire burst into sudden prominence in 2004 with its rousing debut album, Funeral , a process accelerated by the kind of viral enthusiasm normally reserved for Paris Hilton home movies and Kanye West tweets, the excitement was tempered by one nagging doubt: Was this just another built-to-implode Internet flash? But the Montreal septet has now proven its staying power, making three very ....

from 'Jonk Music'

1:53 p.m. Monday 23rd August 2010 EST
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